Painting a future
for sharks!

Get your shark sculpture to support Shark Conservation!

Sharks matter!

Sharks play a fundamental role in providing stability to the marine ecosystems.

Our art is supposed to create awareness and educate for the cause of sharks. With our work we support shark conservation organisations world wide. 

The goal of the FinArts is to combine art with marine conservation.

Our hand-painted shark sculptures, designed by international artists are unique works of art, reflecting the striking beauty of this endangered species.

Help us to paint a better future for sharks!

A look behind the scenes

Take a look into our Workshop and Gallery – all our shark sculptures are  hand painted by our in-house artists, in our shop in Phuket and by international artists world wide.

Combing Art and Marine Conservation

We are cooperating  with different shark and marine conservation organizations world wide. 

With each sold shark we support the work of our partners, to  create awerness,
educate society, 
and to protect this magnificant species.

Together we want to create a future for sharks in our oceans.

Check out our Shark Art !

Do you want to find the perfect gift for divers, shark & ocean lovers?
Take a look at our latest, fascinating 30cm-Limited Editions and our new 100cm Hammerhead and Zebra Shark sculptures!  

New Hammerhead - 100cm

Limited editions - 30cm

Art Box

The Big Boy

The pride in our repertoire – our big boys – perfect to make a statement for your love of sharks and the urgency to protect this 
‘Art of Nature’. 

The  sculptures are made from fibreglass & poly-resin.

Each design is hand painted and one of a kind. 

Beautiful, unique art pieces each standing for shark conservation

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