Pirate 150cm


Pirate- 150cm

Although Pirates are known as savages and as thieves, there is no denying in their mastery in coordinating the seven seas. In many ways pirates use the ocean to their advantage just like Sharks do. Both can explore the ocean endless, with sharks being able to travel up to 50 miles per day. Sharks have also been part of many pirate tales, many of which claim that sharks would follow pirate ships for weeks on end.



Artist: Sunanta Naulsomsri
Size: 150cm long
Material: Fiberglass & Poly Resin

Each of our shark sculptures is a unique piece of art hand painted by one of our international artists.

With the proceeds of each sale, we support shark and marine conservation projects to raise awareness and change the narrative towards these astonishing yet misunderstood creatures so that our next generation can still admire them.

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions150 cm


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