Manta Mania


Manta means “blanket” in Spanish, depicting the look of the animals, broad flat, diamond shaped bodies, which are characterized by its triangular pectoral fins.
Witnessing these creatures underwater almost feels like a dream as they obliviously glide past leaving any diver in awe. This unparalleled beauty is what sharks and mantas share making both of them staples of the ocean which is encapsulated on this FinArts design.

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Artist: Koravik Hukeaw
Size: 30cm long
Material: Poly Resin

Each of our shark sculptures is a unique piece of art hand painted by one of our international artists.

With the proceeds of each sale, we support shark and marine conservation projects to raise awareness and change the narrative towards these astonishing yet misunderstood creatures so that our next generation can still admire them.

Every one of our shark sculptures can also be ordered in larger sizes. Please see here for more information.

Please note: As each shark is hand painted minor variations in coloration and texture are possible.

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Weight1.04 kg
Dimensions34 × 17 × 12 cm


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