Thong Thai – Hammerhead 100cm


Thong Thai- Hammerhead- 100cm

Thong-Thai created by Sunata Naulsomri takes inspiration from Thailand’s rich history with gold, also known as ‘Sanskrit’ in Thai. Dating back thousands of years, many people believe that Thailand’s first contact with the outer world came was due to the early gold trade era. Gold in Thailand symbolizes great religious importance for Buddhist Thais. Many Temples and Buddha sculptures are portrayed with golden surfaces as gold resembles enlightenment, purity, and freedom.


Artist: Sunanta Naulsomsri
Size: 100cm long
Material: Fiberglass & Poly Resin

Each of our shark sculptures is a unique piece of art hand painted by one of our international artists.

With the proceeds of each sale, we support shark and marine conservation projects to raise awareness and change the narrative towards these astonishing yet misunderstood creatures so that our next generation can still admire them.


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